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Emotional Loads


The Treatment of Anxieties and Fears by Ora Golan

Complete confidentiality, 25 years of experience, and 30,000 patients. Dr. Golan’s quick and mathematically precise treatment method is based on a revolutionary medical approach and involves no medications or side-effects.

aOur Unique Technique

Our technique was developed by Dr. Ora Golan in New York, where she owned and ran two well respected clinics: one at 71 Park Avenue in Manhattan and another at Kew Gardens in Queens. The technique uses muscle memory to locate emotional blocks that are impairing the patient’s quality of life; eliminates the blocks; and provides the patient with a new life, free of the hardships of the past.

bMore Than 3,000 Patients per Year

Dr. Ora Golan and her team of therapists (which are all trained and certified by the Ora Golan Center) employ this technique to treat more than 3,000 men, women, and children each year. The treatment itself neither delves into nor deals with anxiety, but rather quickly, and with mathematical precision, establishes what happened, when it happened, and under exactly what circumstances (not in terms of what the patient thinks, remembers, believes, or knows, but as experienced by the patient’s emotional system) and neutralizes the memory at its roots, at the point at which it comes into existence.

cEmotional Blocks that Can Be Eliminated

Anxieties, fears, phobias, lack of confidence, and feelings such as pressure, having no future, being stuck, and unfulfilled potential all have an impact on the course of our lives. In most cases, such phenomena end up controlling our lives. When our emotional system is blocked, our quality of life is detrimentally impacted, our sense of self worth decreases, our decision making is altered, and the reality around us appears to be controlled by something greater than us. These feelings indicate that they stem from emotional blocks that can be eliminated.


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