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Dr. Ora Golan

    Ora Golan is a Doctor of Chiropractic, the third largest medical profession in the United States, with specialty in emotional problems, the neutralization of allergies, the treatment of anxieties, and functional chiropractic. Over the years, Dr. Golan has also acquired extensive experience in a wide variety of fields, including different chiropractic techniques, applied kinesiology, functional medicine, the human brain, the neutralization of allergies, and other relevant fields, through advanced study and training under Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Nambudripad in Los Angeles, Zurich, and Munich, and at the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia.

Dr. Ora Golan has 25 years of experience in her field. Her innovative treatment method was developed in an effort to find solutions for patients undergoing genuine suffering but for whom conventional medicine was unable to find a solution, and whose problems turned out to be emotional in origin (as opposed to structural problems such as muscle or joint problems, or physiological problems such as poor nutrition, allergies, sensitivities, pains, etc.). The neutralization of emotional blocks began to bring significant relief to patients who did not improve in response to other methods. Over the years, the technique for eliminating emotional blocks has been improved upon to achieve better and quicker results with long-term impact. As a result, many patients have been able to make significant positive changes in their lives and the lives of those close to them. Based on the success of this method and on its high demand, Dr. Golan began training and certifying professional therapists in her method.

Background on Dr. Ora Golan and the Development of her Technique for Eliminating Emotional Blocks

Dr. Golan received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in 1987. The program requires seven years of study and covers much of the same material covered by programs in Western medicine, such as anatomy, physiology, and neurology, as well as an emphasis on nutrition and chiropractic techniques for balancing the skeleton.

The roots of the chiropractic profession are found in the United States and reach back to 1895. Since then, it has developed rapidly and is currently recognized as the third largest field of medicine in the US. It initially treated people with a variety of health problems and in the process developed a large number of techniques. Over time, chiropractic has continued to develop in a wide variety of directions, with many chiropractors specializing in specific areas, such as sports, children, chronic illnesses, allergies, etc. In recent years, chiropractors have started working in emergency rooms in hospitals throughout the United States.

The technique for eliminating emotional blocks was developed in 1990 based on the need and demand of patients undergoing true suffering whose problems turned out to be emotional as opposed to structural (such as skeletal, muscular, and joint problems) or physiological (such as poor nutrition, allergies, sensitivities, pains, etc.) in origin.

One of the first patients with emotionally-rooted problems was a young woman suffering from chronic, almost back-to-back headaches. Whereas structural chiropractic treatment, recommended dietary changes, and other conventional treatments (psychological, psychiatric, and the like) proved unsuccessful, initial, and at that point extremely rudimentary emotional treatment achieved results and the headaches stopped.

Dr. Golan’s fascination with this type of treatment and the positive results it achieved inspired her to continue researching and developing the field. The elimination of emotional blocks began to bring significant relief to patients whose conditions could not be mitigated using other methods. Over the years, the technique for eliminating emotional blocks has been improved upon to achieve better and quicker results with immediate and long-term impact.

Dr. Golan has specialized in and acquired extensive knowledge and experience in a large number of fields that constituted sources of inspiration for the development of her technique for eliminating emotional blocks:

Chiropractic Studies – This course of study demonstrates great respect for the human body’s astounding ability to heal itself, a concept known as “innate intelligence.” When we engage in chiropractic treatment (“adjustment”), we are actually releasing disruptions that are preventing the body from functioning properly and blocking its ability to rehabilitate and heal itself. Treatments are quick and the change is significant and immediate.

Applied Kinesiology – Applied kinesiology is a precise, gentle, non-invasive tool developed in the United States by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960s. Using this tool, it is possible to make diagnoses and to assemble a great deal of information that is present in the body, including information regarding emotional blocks about which the patient is not at all aware.

Advanced Training Programs of the Institute for Functional Medicine (founded by Dr. Jeffrey Bland) – This organization emerged out of two Noble Prizes received by Dr. Linus Pauling when Dr. Jeffrey Bland was serving as his director of research. Dr. Pauling received the Noble Prize in Chemistry for molecular medicine and the Noble Peace Prize for his joint effort with Albert Einstein in opposing the buildup of nuclear weapons.

This organization places a great emphasis on understanding the development of chronic destructive processes within the body: what causes them, what can be done to treat them, and how to prevent them using natural and alternative means. The membership of the Functional Medicine Organization includes many conventional physicians, researchers, and scientists from around the world, and all the information it teaches is research based.

The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia (founded by Glenn Doman)

This institution teaches how the brains of brain-injured children can be stimulated and developed in all areas to reduce the gap between them and healthy children, and to even surpass them. In the 1950s, Doman and his team of researchers studied children from all over the world, including children from remote tribes who had not yet come into contact with modern man. They discovered a connection between the crawling of babies and the organization of the brain, improved learning abilities, and the prevention of learning disabilities in the future.
Treatment Techniques – Over the years, Dr. Ora Golan has studied a variety of treatment techniques that have helped her better understand how to treat different problems. These techniques include: NAET; allergy elimination (Dr. Michael Lebowitz); body language; craniosacral therapy (Dr. John Upleadger); NEC (Dr. Scott Walker); NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming); Somato-Emotional Release; and others.

The Ora Golan Center was established at Kibbutz Nachsholim, Israel in 2001. The Center provides treatment to large numbers of people, from throughout Israel and around the world, for the elimination of the emotional blocks that control them and impair their quality of life. Patients include children, teenagers, and adults (men and women) from diverse backgrounds for whom conventional medicine have proven to be ineffective and who therefore turned to alternative medicine for a solution. Due to the method’s success and the subsequent high demand, Dr. Golan began training professional therapists to treat patients using her method. We are proud to have had the opportunity to eliminate the emotional blocks of a large number of patients and to significantly improve their quality of life.


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