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Emotional Blocks

Emotional blocks cause us to pay a price without intending to, without asking to, and without wanting to. We all have an emotional system, which is completely independent and autonomous in its determination of what it relates to and how it expresses it – two things between which there is no rational relationship. When eliminating emotional blocks, we are interested primarily in what happened, when it happened, and under what circumstances (from the perspective of the emotional system, as opposed to what we actually think, know, or remember). Using muscle resistance testing, we are able to obtain this information with mathematical precision and neurological speed and to eliminate the connection responsible for the block.
Over the years, many of us have experienced stress, worry, frustration, and persistent anger, as well as a sense of lack of progress or of being stuck. We all experience emotional blocks that are manifested in different ways. Some of us experience them as pain and physical sensations, whereas others are more familiar with their expression as emotional feelings that are disruptive to our normal everyday functioning.
Emotional blocks are the emotional inhibitions that sow within us – and within our thoughts – fears, tensions, pressures, and worries that darken our lives. We succeed in contending with some of these blocks, but others prove more difficult for us to deal with and have a direct impact on our day-to-day functioning, allowing fear, stress, and tension to determine how we live and to hinder our progress in different realms of life.


Common Causes

Fear of success / failure / competition Paralyzing pressure Perfectionism
Worry regarding loss of control Excessive concern with what others think about me Lack of faith in my abilities
Jealousy or fear of jealousy Fear of competition Fear of changes or fear of routine
Difficulty making decisions Desire for advancement or fear of advancement Fear of loss of control

The Elimination of Emotional Blocks

This alternative technique was developed by Dr. Ora Golan, a chiropractor who has been conducting research in the field of emotional treatment since 1987. The method developed out of a search for solutions for patients whose suffering was real but did not stem from problems with muscles, vertebrae, or inadequate diet, but rather from emotional burden

.Using the technique developed by Dr. Ora Golan, emotional blocks can be eliminated through the following process:
⦁    Physiological identification of the charged emotion
⦁    Assessment of the problems the emotional block is causing for the patient in the present
⦁    Assessment of the stage of life at which it was formed
⦁    Assessment of the circumstances in which it was formed
⦁   Elimination of the emotional block

The Treatment Process
⦁    The treatment is performed by the therapist through light touch of the patient and involves no medical equipment and no psychological discussion, no exercises, no surgery, and no teaching of skills.
⦁    The treatment consists of muscle resistance testing, verbal interaction, brief visualization, and light touch.
⦁    A course of treatment typically includes 4 treatment sessions of 20 minutes each.
⦁    It is an alternative treatment that involves no medication and has no side-effects whatsoever.

Explanation regarding the Treatment of Emotional Blocks

⦁    The body possesses an emotional system whose task it is to protect us.

⦁    Our emotional system files away, remembers, and examines our experiences from the moment of fetal conception up to the present. In some situations which our emotional system identifies as requiring attention in the course of our lives, emotional blocks may develop and manifest themselves in fear, anger, frustration, and other forms of emotional expression. An emotional block that is formed at some point in our lives influences our lives in the future and may prove disruptive.

⦁    Our emotional system functions according to a clear and consistent mathematical constancy and operates much quicker than our cognitive system can absorb and process information.

⦁    The emotional blocks that are formed throughout life – which manifest themselves in emotions such as fear, anger, frustration and a sense of abandonment, threat, and lack of control, to name just a few – shape thoughts, feelings, and reactions and influence the behavior and the social and academic abilities of the child and of the adult into which the child will develop in the future. They also influence the way in which we handle situations and critical life decisions.

⦁    Not all such feelings are indicative of the existence of an emotional block – only when the emotional burden they create disrupts our proper everyday functioning, causes physical and or emotional suffering, or impairs our quality of life.

⦁    We sometimes have trouble understanding or explaining specific behaviors or are unable to stop them even when we are aware that they are doing us harm. Examples include anger, vengeance, rage, difficulty making decisions, aggression, cowardice, lack of self-esteem, and dejection.

⦁    In the course of treatment, the therapists at the Ora Golan Center identify the emotional block or blocks that are disrupting the patient’s life; assess when and under what circumstances they were formed; and eliminates them in a safe and gentle way, without the need for psychological discussion with the therapist.

⦁    The information required is clarified by means of a brief questionnaire and using the technique of Applied Kinesiology, which was developed for physicians and enables the acquisition of information regarding the body through muscle resistance.

Benefits of Treatment at the Center

⦁    The treatment consists of muscle resistance testing, verbal interaction, visualization, and light touch.

⦁    It is an alternative treatment that involves no medication or medical equipment.

⦁    A course of treatment typically requires 4 brief and focused treatment sessions of approximately 20 minutes each.

⦁    The treatment produces a significant internal change that is naturally assimilated into the body.

⦁    The treatment has a positive impact on the individual and achieves long-term results.

⦁    The treatment fuels, balances, and immunizes the emotional system.

⦁    The treatment is gentle and safe and has no side-effects.

⦁    The treatment is suitable for all ages, from children to adults.


Patient Feedback following Treatment

Following treatment, many patients report feeling an immense relief and a significant positive change that is often manifested in a sense of elation – as if a heavy burden which they have been carrying for years has suddenly been lifted, or as if a sharp stone has been removed from their shoe. Patients often report better and more comfortable sleep, a sense of vitality, and improved mood and motivation

Some patients report no change, but those close to them are able to identify a distinct difference in their behavior. This often occurs in adolescent patients who have trouble recognizing the change themselves, but whose teachers phone their parent to ask what caused the positive change in their student




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