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Emotional Eating

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is a condition in which our draw to food stems not from our actual need but rather from an uncontrollable emotional impulse that imbues us with an unexplainable, destructive desire to eat. This urge is not satiated by emotional eating, which must be fed over and over again. For people with this condition, their emotional world is never satisfied and they cannot withstand the many temptations with which they are faced. For this reason, the connection between emotional eating and the fulfillment of needs is extremely harmful and problematic. It is also why some people are unable to balance their bodies with proper eating, are unsuccessful in dieting, and continue to gain weight, despite numerous repetitive efforts.

Self-Diagnosis: Do I suffer from emotional eating?

Most of us do injustice to our bodies when it comes to food by eating more than we need. Some of us have been provided with the metabolic good fortune of being capable of contending with the excess, but most of us gain weight, display an increased body fat percentage, develop potbellies and padded backsides, and sprout visible excess in our hips and our neck. In some cases, emotional eating endangers our health.

If you are in agreement with two or more of the following statements, you may be suffering from uncontrollable emotional eating, which we can easily treat.

  • I have tried a number of diets but have always gone back to being overweight and have sometimes even gained weight.
  • I sometimes find myself eating out of boredom.
  • Good food and flavor provides me with pleasure and sometimes even happiness.
  • There is a certain food for which I cannot withstand the temptation. I’ll munch on this kind food even when I am full.
  • Even when I decide to lose weight, I always revert to eating more – it’s more powerful than I am.
  • It is hard for me to receive compliments from those around me. It puts me in an uncomfortable position.
  • I find it difficult to accept instructions and I often find myself rebelling against them.
  • I don’t have the strength to start another diet. I already know that I’ll just end up getting fat again.

How can emotional eating be treated without dieting, without prohibitions, and without restrictions?

We all agree that if we could just make a change in our brain regarding our draw to food, we could eat less, eat right, enjoy all the foods we like in proper proportion, and lose weight without difficulty or suffering. We could live full lives, without dieting, and enjoy a proper body weight that flatters our appearance and enhances our health.

Treatment at the Ora Golan Center

A short series of treatments at the Ora Golan Center can eliminate the emotional blocks that cause us to engage in emotional eating, with no dieting, no restrictions, and no prohibitions. The treatment is quick, effective, and produces the following results:

  • Forgetting the desire for unnecessary eating.
    A severing of the linkage between emotional state on the one hand, and food and eating on the other.
  • Creation of a “built-in aversion” to foods that cause weight gain.
  • Weight loss, reduced body fat, and the maintaining of a proper and balanced body weight.

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