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Fear and Anxiety That Delay Couple Relations

The fears and anxieties we experience with regard to couple-relations create a wide variety of excuses regarding why we have no significant other. Statements such as “I’m too young to settle down” (although we celebrated our thirtieth birthday long ago) or “I’m a woman with a career, and unfortunately men are scared of strong, career-oriented women” are classic, shrouded expressions of fear that prevent us from making progress in the interpersonal arena toward a strong, long-term couple-relationship.

Additional common reasons for fears and anxieties that delay couple relations include:

  • Low self-esteem, as reflected in statements and sentiments such as “I’m fat and ugly – I have no chance of finding a good woman,” or “I’ve missed the boat – who would want an old woman like me?”
  • Fear of failure and separation as a result of past experience – “Two partners I loved cheated on me. I’ve lost faith in couple-relationships.”
  • Fear of making the wrong choice – “I have a special talent for choosing the wrong woman. That’s why I haven’t found the right one.”
  • Fear that your message is being misunderstood – “The fact that I am nice to her when we go out does not mean that I see her as an option for marriage. I don’t understand what I did to make her think that we are heading in that direction.”
  • Anxiety regarding the loss of freedom and independence – “Living alone means that I don’t have to answer to anyone about anything. Living with someone in a couple-relationship will suffocate me!”
  • Anxiety regarding intimate relations – “I haven’t had sex for so long that I’m afraid I won’t be good enough.”
  • Fear of insufficient sexuality – “Since my breakup with my wife, every sexual encounter I have had has ended in failure.”
  • Fear of the routine of couple-relations – “Just seeing my married friends and their boring, unfulfilling lives makes me scared of being in a relationship.”
  • Anxiety regarding settling down, marriage, and having kids – “In most cases, getting into a stable relationship means marriage and children, and I’m not ready for that.”
  • Fear of being taken advantage of and loss of control – “Over the years, my friends have taken advantage of me emotionally to the point that I couldn’t recognize myself or the decisions I made.”
  • Anxiety regarding loss of assets – “I finished college, worked hard, and saved up for an apartment and a new car. When a woman enters the picture, she’ll automatically share everything I worked so hard to build…”
  • Anxiety regarding a change in personal status – “I do not think of myself as being in a relationship, although I like being with him and we have been together for more than two years.”
  • Anxiety regarding the possibility of a breakup and the potential of emotional pain – “I see how upset people get around breakups, and it’s made me lose faith in the institution of marriage.”

The Ora Golan Center’s Treatment for Fear and Anxiety regarding Couple-Relations

This unique and innovative treatment method was developed by Dr. Ora Golan in 1990 as a natural and effective alternative treatment for fear and anxiety regarding couple-relations. Our treatment for eliminating the emotional blocks that prevent people from finding partners or strengthening existing relationships focuses on the root of the problem. By doing so, it reduces concerns and fears and does away with the need for different excuses. At the same time, it eliminates the physiological symptoms that are sometimes characteristic of couple anxiety.

The Ora Golan Center’s treatment for couple-relations yields immediate long-term results and enables individuals to better fulfill their personal potential to begin a relationship or strengthen an already existing relationship. It also strengthens self-confidence, improves interpersonal communication, increases efficiency and focus, and sharpens the senses. Most importantly, it keeps fears and anxieties under control and prevents them from impairing our everyday lives.

The Ora Golan Center’s Treatment for Couple-Relations

  • The treatment is performed by the therapist through light touch of the patient and involves no medical equipment and no psychological discussion.
  • The treatment consists of muscle resistance testing, verbal interaction, visualization, and light touch.
  • A course of treatment typically includes 6-16 treatment sessions of 20 minutes each.
  • It is an alternative treatment that involves no medication and has absolutely no side-effects.

Treatment at the Ora Golan Center is suitable for:

  • ⦁ Individuals who have been seeking a romantic partner without success for an extended period of time.
  • ⦁ Individuals who find it difficult to build couple-relationships.
  • ⦁ Individuals with a negative or an extremely positive self-image that influences their interpersonal communication.
  • ⦁ Individuals interested in a new romantic relationship.
  • ⦁ Couples experiencing a crisis in their relationship (suitable for both partners, although it is not mandatory that both undergo treatment together).

Explanation of the Treatment for Couple-Relations Anxiety at the Ora Golan Center

  • The body possesses an emotional system whose task it is to protect us.
  • Our emotional system remembers and files away everything our body experiences from the moment of fetal conception up to the present.
  • Sometimes, in the course of our lives, emotional blocks that can cause fears and anxieties regarding couple-relations or satisfying intimate relations are formed and incorporated into the body at an early stage of life, only to have an impact on our behavior at a later point in time. Such emotional blocks may create physiological symptoms that appear when seeking the right partner or meeting a potential partner for the first time.
  • The treatment method developed by Dr. Ora Golan enables us to identify the relevant emotional block or blocks, as well as the stage of life in which they were formed and under what circumstances, and to eliminate them.
  • Using this treatment method, we can provide assistance to individuals interested in starting a new relationship or nurturing an already existing one.

Benefits of the Treatment for Couple-Relations Anxiety at the Ora Golan Center:

  • The treatment consists of muscle resistance testing, verbal interaction, visualization, and light touch.
  • It is an alternative treatment that involves no medication or medical equipment.
  • A course of treatment typically includes 6-16 treatment sessions of 20 minutes each.
  • The treatment focuses specifically on identifying and eliminating all difficulties on the path to couple-relations.
  • The treatment produces a significant internal change that is naturally assimilated into the body.
  • The treatment has a positive impact on the individual and achieves long-term results.
  • The treatment strengthens self-image and enables the patient to act without fear.
  • The treatment fuels, balances, and immunizes the emotional system, and presents us with different options for viewing and managing a relationship.
  • The treatment is gentle and safe and has no side-effects.
  • The treatment is suitable for all ages.


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