Treating anxieties and fears

Ora Golan

Absolute secrecy. 32 years and over 150,000 patients. The treatment is extremely fast and has mathematical accuracy, revolutionary in the medical concept it represents and has no use of drugs, chemicals and side effects.

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For the first time – an international study finds exceptional success rates for the Ora Golan method

Unique technique

אורה גולן - טיפול

The technique was developed by Dr. Golan in New York where she ran two prestigious clinics she owned, a clinic at 71 PARK AVE Manhattan and at KEW GARDENS Queens.

The technique locates through the muscular memory the same emotional barrier that impairs the patient’s quality of life, releases the same barrier and gives the patient a new life and free from the troubles of the past. People who carry the same patterns and fears that have blocked them report relief and release from them in a very short time.

Over 3000 patients a year

אורה גולן - משרד

Dr. Ora Golan and the team of caregivers certified by the Ora Golan Center treat more than 3,000 women, men and children each year.

The treatment is not interested and does not deal with anxiety. The technique knows how to quickly and mathematically accurately find what happened, when it happened and under what exact circumstances (in terms of the emotional system, not in terms of what a person thinks or remembers or believes or knows) and neutralize the memory from its roots, what generates it. With the help of a short treatment that treats the rooted emotional memory, which is present in our body, the patients reach the release of barriers and fears in a short time.

Emotional barriers that can be neutralized

מחסומים רגשיים הניתנים לנטרול

Anxieties and fears, phobias of various kinds, feelings of inaction and stress, blasts and difficulties in finding a purpose in life, lack of self-confidence and non-realization of personal potential, all have an impact on the course of our lives.

In fact, in most cases our lives become managed by them. Our emotional system is flooded and blocked so that our quality of life is impaired, as our self-esteem declines, our decision-making changes accordingly and the reality around us is supposedly controlled by something bigger than us. These feelings show that these are neutralizable emotional barriers.

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