About the method

Dr. Ora Golan holds a Ph.D. in New York Chiropractic College (NYCC), specializing in the emotional field, coping with anxiety and functional chiropractic.

Dr. Golan has a wealth of education, knowledge and professional experience rich in various chiropractic techniques, applied kinesiology, (Applied Kinesiology) functional medicine led by Dr. Jeffrey Bland and many other diverse fields.

The profession of chiropractic was born in the late 19th century in the USA. Over the years, techniques and sub-disciplines have developed within the main profession and today it is recognized as the third largest medical profession in the USA. In the profession, emphasis is placed on understanding, learning, and practical experience of the body’s self-ability to support or heal itself – a process called Innate Intelligence.

The subject fascinated Dr. Golan, who studied and experienced in the field, in depth, and in 2001 established the Ora Golan Center, which helps many people, from Israel and around the world, to deal with emotional barriers and improve their quality of life.

We feel great satisfaction, excitement and pride in having the right to significantly improve the quality of life of many patients.

The method applied at the Ora Golan Center does not constitute psychological treatment or medical treatment.