Video Testimonials


When you think about everyone else before you think about yourself, you give your whole self to others and hurt yourself, you will suffer from emotional blocks that manage you because you simply cannot think about yourself. Iris suffered for years until she decided that was enough and that it was time for her to take care of herself and restore her confidence and abilities.


She came to us after years of feeling stressed, was in fear of doing things and of frightening situations, and had various phobias such as fear of elevators and Aerophobia (fear of flying). Since she was over-sensitive, she was constantly offended by everyone. All these phenomena made her functioning limited and she did not fulfill her potential. With quick and simple treatment, Liri won her life back, felt peaceful, had the quiet time she was longing for, and above all else, she maximized the benefits of her abilities.


Who among us does not suffer from fear of public situations? Every time Amit had to present or speak to an audience as part of his work, he would find several excuses why he cannot come to work that day. Every time he was in front of an audience and wanted to express himself, he failed and was fearful.

Who among us does not suffer from fear of public situations? Every time Amit had to present or speak to an audience as part of his work, he would find several excuses why he cannot come to work that day. Every time he was in front of an audience and wanted to express himself, he failed and was fearful.


Fear of failure and fear of success, feeling paralyzed when dealing with people, the fear to ask for what you deserve and negotiate. A constant feeling that people, who are using your weaknesses against you, are taking advantage of you. All these fears led to emotional blocks that prevented Sima from advancing and succeeding in life, from fulfilling herself, and from achieving what she wished for. Sima came to Ora for treatment, and now she is a different woman:

she is stronger, knows how to demand what she deserves, and people who meet her tell her that she is simply a different person. When the treatment was finished, Sima left all the emotional blocks behind her and started a new path in life.


Amit suffered from hesitancy, disbelief in his abilities, and low self-esteem all his life. He was also very restrained, a characteristic that stopped him from developing personally. Throughout the years, Amit tried many treatment methods unsuccessfully, until he met Ora. Since then, his self-confidence is on the rise, the hesitancy disappeared and all of his emotional blocks are gone. Ora’s treatment changed his life.


Living with constant stress, suffering from phenomena that are induced by the stress, such as stuttering which is made worse in stressful situations, lack of self-value, comparing oneself to everybody else, having the wrong prioritization hierarchy, and placing yourself at the end of the line; Menahem sought a solution for all these problems because to continue living that way was pure suffering. He first read about Ora on the internet and decided that he wanted to come to her for treatment. Menahem suggested to his wife, Sima (see the link to her video in the comments), that they would get treated by Ora. They were both treated by her and their lives are now totally different. Menahem tells us that he gets everything he wants, he is much more peaceful and relaxed, he is not stressed, earns more and the family dynamics are better.


He was looking for short-term treatment, that will heal and neutralize his emotional blocks, his avoidance of forming a long-term romantic relationship, and his need to say the last word. After undergoing various treatments that did not solve his problems, Shay heard about Ora. Friends and acquaintances that she treated for phobias, emotional blocks and other problems, told him how they solved them in a few short and focused treatment sessions. After a quick, simple, and short-term treatment, Shay was released from all his emotional blocks and received the support that he needed to start a new path in life.


There were fears of what will be said: what he said, what she said. Comparing herself to people, feeling that she was incapable of doing things, and not acknowledging her self-value. Yuval reached Ora with a feeling that she is being minimized and that she is incompetent. So many people have the same feelings and fears. Many probably identify with Yuval. After the treatment, Yuval felt great relief, and a greater sense of capability, she was calmer and felt more worthy. Now, Yuval is more present in the world, earns more, and lives a life that is powerful and full of meaning.


If you are afraid of boarding a train, entering a market, or walking around in a mall full of people, you are not alone. Many people suffer from these fears and it affects everything: the possibility to establish a romantic relationship, getting promoted at work, going on a trip, etc. You tried so many different treatments and they did not help you. You are in despair. Bar also tried many options and nothing worked. Then she reached Ora and completely turned her life around. Now her life is full, she can do things she used to only dream about before. You should hear what Bar has to tell you and your life may never be the same again.


Like many other teen-aged boys and girls, she simply did not like herself. Everything looked bad to her, everything in her looks bothered her, and she felt uncomfortable in her own skin. Everything made her lock herself up in her house, never go out, never meet her friends, miss school, and disassociate herself from society. Gili reached us after trying many different treatments, and with a quick and simple treatment she had won her life back, and now feels she has the peace and quiet she wanted, and most significantly, she fulfills her abilities and the amazing potential of a young girl who just started her life.