Allergy Treatment – What to Expect?

15-10 basic allergens are tested, which are an essential ingredient in a daily diet like proteins, vitamins and minerals.

After neutralizing basic allergies you usually feel significantly better. If you still feel uncomfortable, it is necessary to examine unique allergies that cause the discomfort.

Treatment of allergies – common symptoms

Home treatment lasts 25 hours. During the 25 hours of prevention, you may experience fatigue, weakness, a feeling of mild flu, or changing moods. These effects are natural and will soon go away, remove worry.

If you feel unwell and there is a worsening of the allergenic symptoms, contact the clinic and talk to the therapist and you may be asked to come for further treatment immediately.

Allergy neutralization treatments last a long time and even a lifetime. They do not recur, but can rarely re-form under certain conditions of extreme, or prolonged, stressful situations.

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