Emotional eating

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is a situation when our attraction to food is unrelated to a real need, but to an emotional uncontrolled impulse that causes a destructive and inexplicable attraction to food.

Emotional eating does not satisfy the urge but requires repeated feeding

The emotional aspect is never satiated, we cannot resist the many temptations and therefore the relationship between emotional eating and satisfying needs is very destructive and problematic. This is the reason why people cannot balance their bodies and eat properly, why they fail when they diet, and why they repeatedly and exceedingly gain weight.

How can emotional eating be treated without any diets, exclusions, or limitations?

We can all agree that if we only changed the attraction to food in our brains- we would eat less and properly, enjoy the right amount of the food we love to eat, and lose weight without any difficulty or suffering. We could live a full life, without dieting, and with the proper body weight, that flatters our looks and maintains our health.

Test yourself: do I suffer from emotional eating?

Most of us mistreat our bodies when it comes to food. We consume more than we actually need. Some of us are lucky and have the kind of metabolism that can cope with the excess, but most of us simply gain weight, the percentage of fat in our bodies rises, and our belly and behind grow, our thighs and neck become excessively fat and sometimes we even risk our health, all due to emotional eating.

Following are a few questions. If you answered “Yes” to two or more- this may be a case of uncontrolled emotional eating, which can be treated… easily:

  • I’ve tried a few diets. I always regained the excessive weight and even increased my former weight.
  • There are cases when I find myself eating due to boredom.
  • Good food, taste, or a tasty dish give me pleasure. Sometimes even happiness.
  • I cannot resist a certain kind of food. Even when I am full, I will take a few bites of this food.
  • Even when I decided to lose weight, I always went back to eating more- it was stronger than me.
  • I find accepting compliments from those around me challenging. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • I find it hard to accept instructions. I find myself rebelling against them.
  • I don’t have the power to start dieting again. I already know that I will become fat again.
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