Emotional eating

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is a situation in which our attraction to food is not related to a real need, but to an uncontrollable emotional urge, which causes us a destructive and unexplained attraction to food.

Emotional eating does not bring satisfaction to the instinct but requires repeated nourishment.

The emotional side is never satisfied, we can not withstand the many temptations and therefore the connection between emotional eating and the satisfaction of needs is extremely destructive and problematic. This is why people fail to balance their body for proper eating, fail in diets, gain weight over and over and over again.

How to deal with emotional eating with no diets at all, no prohibitions and no restrictions

We would all agree his own we would just change in our minds this attraction to food – we would eat less, eat right, enjoy everything we love in the right measure, lose weight without feeling difficulty or suffering. We could live an entire life, without any diet, with the right body weight that compliments our appearance and our health.

Self-Examination: Do I Have Emotional Eating?

Most of us sin our bodies when it comes to food. We consume more than we need. Some of us have the metabolic luck that knows how to deal with the balance, but most of us gain weight, gain fat, grow belly, buttocks, cover excess in the thighs, neck and sometimes even endanger our health due to emotional eating.

Here are some questions. If you answered yes to two or more – it may be uncontrollable emotional eating that can be easily treated.

  • I tried several diets. I always went back to being overweight, sometimes even getting over it
  • There are cases where because of boredom I find myself eating
  • Good food, good taste, delicious food make me happy. Sometimes even happiness
  • I can not stand a certain type of food. Even when I’m full, I’m snacking on this food
  • Even when I decided to lose weight I always went back to eating more – it was stronger than me
  • It’s not easy for me to get compliments from those around me. It puts me in an awkward position
  • It’s hard for me to get instructions. I find myself rebelling against them
  • I do not have the strength to start dieting again. I know in advance that I will return to gain weight
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