Rates and payment terms

The Ora Golan Center treats emotional barriers in many and varied areas: failure of competition and success, attention and concentration, extended emotions, fears, couple anxiety, test anxiety, self-confidence anxiety and more in a proven alternative method.

The number of treatments at the Ora Golan Center ranges from 4 to 6 sessions.

The treatments are performed by Dr. Golan and Danya Gilboa, each area requires a different number of sessions.

Prices in the center range from  NIS 680 for a chiropractic diagnosis to NIS 3,500 for a series of emotional treatments. The division into payments is convenient and you can pay by credit cards and checks. In order for you to know which treatment route is right for you, we will be happy if you contact our information center so that we can answer you in a clearer and more detailed way in front of the required field of treatment.