Emotional barriers

An emotional barrier is where we pay a price without intending, without asking and without wanting to. We all have an emotional system. The emotional system is completely independent and autonomous in its ability to determine what to relate to and how to express it. There is no rational connection between the two!

In neutralizing emotional barriers we are primarily interested in what happened, when it happened and under what circumstances (in terms of the emotional system, not in terms of what we think, know or remember). We know how to find this information with mathematical accuracy and neurological speed – and to neutralize the connection that creates it.

Many of us experience, over the years, a sense of stress, tension, worry, unrelenting anger, or a sense of blasting, frustration, and lack of progress.

We all experience emotional barriers that are characterized in different ways, some of us experience the results of the emotional barrier in pain and physical sensations and some of us have emotional sensations that interfere with our normal functioning.

What is an emotional barrier?

Emotional barriers are the same emotional inhibitions that sow in us and in our thoughts fears, anxieties, tensions, stresses and worries that obscure our lives. We manage to deal with some of these barriers, but with a large part of the barriers it is difficult for us to deal with and they directly affect the daily routine in the way that fear, anxiety, stress and tension run our daily routine and impair our progress in each area of ​​life.

Common causes for the formation of emotional barriers

  •  Fear of success / failure / competition
  •  Crippling pressure
  • Perfectionism
  •  Worry until you lose control
  •  Over-occupation – what the environment thinks of me
  •  Lack of faith in my abilities
  •  Jealousy or fear of jealousy
  •  Fear of competition
  •  Fear of change or routine
  •  Difficulty making decisions
  •  Desire to advance or fear of promotion
  •  Fear of losing control
  •  Fear of change
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