Common questions

How many people were treated with this technique?
Tens of thousands of people from around the world.

Is muscle resistance related to physical fitness or strength?
No. Muscle resistance test identifies a normal muscle that can lock and stay strong against resistance applied to it. This test is customized for everyone and does not test fitness or strength. Through this test you can get important information about the body, including about emotionally charged issues. An emotionally charged subject will cause a strong muscle to be temporarily weak (for a few seconds).

What are the chances of success of the technique?
The technique has 85% success.

Who can the treatment not help or not recommended?
For very debilitated people, people who are not functioning and do not find themselves, people who need medication but are not yet stabilized.

What is considered success?
Success is considered when a patient reports improvement in functioning, decrease in fears and anxieties. Before and after treatment we check by questioning the complaints and difficulties. Success is considered to be a decrease in the intensity of complaints, the frequency and duration of their time. Usually success is noticeable immediately, but sometimes the change and improvement is noticeable after a while, because emotional options that were previously blocked were opened up, such as fear of change or criticism that prevented you from promoting yourself.

Why does the technique focus on failure, competition and success?
Many efforts have been made in the development of the technique to perfect and streamline it. In the process, I came to the conclusion that treating failure, competition, and success is essential and constitutes a basic food for the emotional system, which balances and strengthens it. With its help, a great many problems can be solved that seem to be unrelated to the failure of competition or success.

In fact failure of competition and success touch all areas of life. Failure is everything that you do not succeed in life: personal, professional, social, educational, marital, financial and more.

Can the treatment help with flight fear cases?
Yes. Fear of flying is a type of failure because you are unable to function or spend time in the way you choose because you are driven by the fear of flying. Sometimes it is necessary to add a few individual treatments in order to focus and completely neutralize the fear.

Can the treatment help neutralize driving anxiety?
Yes. Like the fear of flying, the fear of driving is a failure in normal mobility that impairs function. The Ora Golan method treats the neutralization of anxieties and fears. Sometimes it is necessary to add a few individual treatments in order to focus and completely neutralize the fear.

If I am taking anti-depressant or anti-anxiety prescription pills can I seek treatment?
Yes. Provided you are stabilized through them. If you are just starting to take the pills or have just changed a prescription, I recommend waiting until you feel balanced. The pills do not neutralize the emotional charges but allow them to function better despite their existence.


Why should six meetings be held?
Meetings address different angles associated with competition failure and success. These treatments allow you to better realize your potential to be more efficient, more focused, with sharper senses, more creative and at the same time more relaxed with a better quality of life.

Are there situations that need more than six sessions?
Sometimes treatments progress more slowly than average due to emotional overload. Such a condition only becomes apparent during treatment, so neutralization lasts for more than four sessions. Sometimes there is a request from the patient to address additional charged issues that require additional sessions.

Is there a risk in treatment?
No. The treatment is safe, effective, focused and accurate. He has 85% success. In the worst case there is no change.

Is the payment for the treatment conditional on the success of the treatment?
No. Arrival for treatment is required to be paid in advance. For treatment 85% success. The treatment has helped and is helping thousands of people from around the world. Many have made very significant changes in their lives following the treatment and are very grateful for that.

Is the treatment recommended for children?
Yes. Children respond excellently and quickly to treatment and its impact on their lives and future is significant. The positive effect of the treatment will accompany them even in adulthood.

Why do children come for treatment?
Many children suffer from social stress and test anxiety and develop destructive behavior patterns as a result of stress, such as sleep disorders, restlessness, anger, fears, social problems and more. Treatment is also recommended as prevention.

Is Dr. Ora Golan will take care of me?
The treatment will be performed by one of Dr.’s authorized assistants. Ora Golan and under her supervision.

Is there a conflict of interest when people with family ties or who work in the same place and there is tension between them, will be treated in the same place by the same therapist?
No. The treatment is personal and aims to identify, focus on and neutralize each other’s emotional charges regardless of the tension that exists between them. The tensions are probably created due to the emotional charges that everyone carries with them.

Is the treatment recommended for the whole family?
Yes. Loads and tensions within the family will improve following the treatment when both the parents and the children are treated. In addition, caring for parents will have a positive effect on the children. Children learn from their parents how to deal with stress. When effective and focused parents are relaxed and less worn out, children also internalize this behavior. This is one of the most wonderful gifts parents can give their children.

What training did Dr.’s assistants go through? Ora Golan?
Each of Dr.’s authorized assistants. Ora Golan underwent 130 hours of training and was certified after success in the final tests.

Can treatment help me lose weight?
Sometimes. Being overweight is a failure to lose weight. The treatment does not directly focus on these weight loss in the failure of competition and success and therefore can neutralize burdens and emotional barriers that prevent you from completing a process of balanced and permanent weight loss and consistent maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Can treatment be used to neutralize emotional charge on issues that are not fit for competition failure and success?
Yes. But one must first go through the treatment to neutralize emotional charges associated with dealing with competition failure and success that includes 4 sessions. Failure includes everything that fails you in life and is therefore related to all areas of life. This treatment is the basis and essential food for the emotional system, so can solve many and varied problems and open up many possibilities in life.

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