Natural treatment for allergies

Treatment of allergies is carried out in full attire, the patient will be asked to remove shoes and jewelry.

  • Examination of the muscle to identify the allergen, using a kinesiology technique
  • Neutralization by pressure along the back (if it is not possible to press directly on the back due to pain, other medical problem, or pregnancy, it is possible to do the treatment effectively without the pressure, with the help of another person)
  • Hold the allergen for 20 minutes and immediately afterwards another muscle test is done to make sure the first part of the treatment is absorbed.
  • Prevention process – the patient should avoid contact with the allergen, for 25 hours.
  • In the next treatment, we will examine the success of the previous treatment. That is, is the allergen neutralized and no longer weakens the body.
  • In each treatment tested the treatment will be tested and the sensitivity removed, meaning the body is no longer sensitive to the allergen.

Treatment of allergies – guidelines for / and at the end of treatment

  • It is recommended to arrive for treatment, satiated and showered, because after the treatment it is forbidden to shower for at least 5 hours and to avoid the allergen for 25 hours.
  • Before entering the treatment room, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to remove any allergens that may have stuck to your hands and can disrupt the test results.
  • At each treatment the therapist will check the absorption of the previous treatment. There are treatments that require avoiding a lot of foods and it is advisable to prepare for this in advance, as it is forbidden to eat and touch them. There are environmental treatments like sensitivity to dust, or pollinators which require cleaning of the house dust before treatment and avoiding dust for 25 hours.
  • If you have touched or eaten the allergen during the 25 hours, it is advisable to immediately remove it, wash your hands and do self-treatment to strengthen it (instructions for this will be given at the clinic).