Anxiety about cockroaches / spiders / insects

Anxiety and phobia Insects and cockroaches affect 11% of the population.

The terrible fear of the thought of encountering the cockroach, spider or any other insect, leads to a chain of involuntary hysterical reactions. Anxiety about cockroaches, spiders or any other insect, can appear from thought, sight or contact with that insect. This fear of terror causes a lack of control and a reaction that is sometimes expressed as follows:

  • Persistent fear even after the cause, the cockroach, the spider, has been eliminated and is not in the field
  • Extreme and irrational fear since that insect does not pose a threat to the anxious life
  • Appearance of signs of panic / anxiety such as: sweating, tremor, nausea, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, fast pulse and more
  • Loss of control and performing extreme actions like, standing on a table screaming and hysteria, for hours until the rescue unit arrives. Sometimes the extractor can be a 6-year-old child who kills the insect and calms the mother
  • The anxious belief that the insect is physically on and thus the reaction is itching all over the body accompanied by screams and panic
  • People and children who experience anxiety about cockroaches, spiders or any type of insect tend to believe that the insect is larger in size and endangers them.
  • Anxiety is accompanied by disgust at the same insect that is characterized by a physiological response, vomiting, rapid pulse, abdominal pain, itching until bleeding

Treating anxiety from cockroaches, spiders and insects

This treatment method is unique and innovative. Developed by Dr. Ora Golan in 1990 as a natural and effective alternative solution to anxiety about various insects. The treatment will allow you to act rationally, under self-control in thought or encounter with anxiety / insect. The treatment yields immediate and long-term results and allows you to control fear and defeat it while To focus and think first.

The real threat will not control you and the insect will return in your thoughts to its natural dimensions.

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