Anxieties, fears, ADHD, low self-esteem. Vaccination of the emotional system at the Dr. Ora Golan Center

Many ask me: What is the connection between our and our child’s emotional system to ADHD, bouts of stress and anxiety, difficulty in finding a relationship and a general feeling of lack of potential in every area of ​​our lives.

Well, the answer is simple.

When the emotional system is blocked every detail during life changes. This is similar to atherosclerosis. The body tries to develop detours in order to maintain a stable set of operations. So it is with the emotional system. When it is blocked we try to develop detours. Finding ourselves more avoidant, more withdrawn, our natural flow stops and we change our decision-making system, influence the outcomes we aspire to, give up on ourselves more easily and live life under the next article from a blocked emotional system.

Detecting and neutralizing emotional barriers

At the Ora Golan Center, the treatment of emotional barriers is very short and very effective.

At first the same barriers are identified. In the second stage the emotional barriers are released and the man, the child, the woman opens up to a whole new world. To a reality in which every thought, every action and every decision-making does not depend on the blocked emotional set-up.

Typically, a series of four to six sessions results in the detection and complete neutralization of those barriers. There are cases, such as ADHD, in which the treatment is longer and requires a structural reference, and a reference defined as “brain allergy”.

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