Loneliness and conflicts in interpersonal relationships

Being alone can be … sometimes dangerous

Each of us has the friend who is perceived as an “eternal bachelor” or the society “who does not do enough to find.”

On the one hand, loneliness sometimes seems to be good for them, and many times we also hear statements that support it, but in practice things happen below the surface, and there is a problem that requires special attention to its solution.

We, the friends or the family, have a responsibility to raise our heads and take care of the people closest to us.

A significant warning sign in this regard can be seen in the data published by the Aran Association, according to which the No. 1 factor in inquiries to the association’s hotlines is loneliness and conflicts in interpersonal relationships (35% of referrals!). Themselves more lonely than ever.

Why are you actually left alone?

The reasons are many and varied, and the creative list of excuses is growing year by year: “I’m too young” Some claim that they are already close to 40, “Men are afraid of strong career women like me” Women who are caught with a factual excuse claim, Men claim to have tiny bellies, and more.

These and other reasons often rely on fears and anxieties that are deeply rooted in the face – a fear that rests on previously disappointed love, a difficult betrayal that may have changed the utopian worldview that was before, fear of losing freedom and independence, low self-esteem and fear of rejection … and the list goes on.

How do you “break” the cycle of loneliness?

Neutralizing the emotional barriers is the right and necessary action, but it must be done in front of a professional and with proven therapeutic experience – this is the way to ensure a positive and quick result.

Dr. Ora Golan offers a variety of treatment methods at 3 Ora Golan centers operating in Israel (Tel Aviv, Kibbutz Nachsholim in the north and on the Internet). This treatment does not give the patient a new life and is free from the hardships of the past. This technique does not constitute psychological treatment or medical treatment, but with its results and effectiveness it is undisputed – over 3,000 women, men and children come to Ora Golan centers every year (82,000 in total). Is still ongoing), and the success rate of the treatment stands at 87.4%, according to a recent international study.

Dr. Ora Golan holds a doctorate in chiropractic with a specialization in the emotional field, coping with anxiety and functional chiropractic. Dr. Golan operates out of a belief in the principle of Innate Intelligence – the body’s self-ability to support and heal itself. This topic fascinated Dr. Golan for many years, during which she studied and experienced in the field, until she established the Ora Golan Center in 1997, which helps many people, from Israel and around the world, deal with emotional barriers and improve their quality of life.

Know the root of the problem

At the core of the matter, those inhibitions that prevent the breaking of the cycle of loneliness are called emotional barriers. These barriers are responsible for “sowing” the fears, anxieties and tensions that accompany us. We all face emotional barriers, some with great success and some with complete failure … and these are the barriers that make our lives more difficult – they affect and manage our daily routine, and impair progress in many areas of life.

Contact us today and put an end to loneliness …

There is no reason why you should be alone! The sooner you address the problem, the shorter the time it will take.

We at the Ora Golan Center invite you to contact us for an initial consultation, where we will diagnose the problem and the type of treatment you need to get back on track for a healthy and balanced life.

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