Telephone therapy to relieve anxiety and neutralize emotional barriers.

Oh how we waited for it to come already…

Internet therapy to neutralize emotional barriers:

  • Over 81,000 patients
  • 87.4 percent success rate in New York and Israel
  • The treatment is done online in complete privacy with Dr. Ora Golan.
  • Short treatment and interest (4 short sessions) No conversations! There are solutions!
  • The treatment is designed to neutralize stressful situations, stress, relationship difficulties, anxieties of all kinds and more.

How It Works?

Our voice is like our emotional fingerprint. It has information about our emotional state, about our load and calm. We are not always aware of our rush or calm situations.

Recently we have researched thousands of sound samples from patients who have done the emotional therapy and have identified patterns of emotional overload or relaxation in their voice. We created an algorithmic pattern from them and from it we created a groundbreaking technology that makes it possible to solve a problem! Not just diagnosing her and talking about her.

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