Creating and maintaining a relationship

The difficulty in creating and maintaining a relationship is a problem that characterizes many women and men, who are unable to find the right partner and certainly not maintain the relationship over time. Some are unable to maintain contact even for several weeks. This difficulty stems from the emotional barriers that people have and manage them and thus basically deprive them of the ability to connect, fall in love, maintain the relationship, progress and develop a relationship. These people tend to connect with people who are not right for them; Spouses who want but do not want them or vice versa, spouses who want them but are not interested. Once we neutralize the emotional barriers associated with this problem, people can find a relationship with it, and not just a relationship but the one that suits them best. Today we have in our database of patients, many happy families who with the help of the treatment to neutralize the emotional barriers that one or both spouses went through, found the optimal relationship, many times the spouse are people before the treatment, did not think at all to be their spouses.