Dr. Ora Golan on dealing with divorce

Hello Dr. Ora Golan, an expert in neutralizing emotional barriers from the Ora Golan Center, today we will talk about a difficult issue that unfortunately afflicts many homes – divorce.

Divorce has in recent years become a kind of epidemic that afflicts almost every second home, following the divorce of entire families affected starting from the spouses themselves, their children and the extended family. When people decide to break up their relationship and home and get divorced, they must not forget that they once made the free choice to marry their spouse, and the wedding is a message of “I’m going to share my life with my spouse from now until the end of life.” Very hurt, betrayed and angry, one has to exercise judgment and be mostly smart and unjust.Divorship has many consequences and not always a step of “getting divorced” is right.

W Example:  Alina was married to a man, a very powerful man, with much property. The couple have grown children who have already left home and Alina’s life was very miserable; Adam was bitter about her life and she was very scared, she knew that was not how she wanted to continue living but she did not have the courage to get up and get divorced.

Alina came to him for treatment so that she could finally be free. She underwent treatment to remove emotional barriers, a short and focused treatment during which we use muscle resistance, text, gentle touch and imaging. At the end of the treatment Alina was able to exercise judgment; Ya decided to choose and give up financial comfort for the sake of her happiness and freedom.

Is the treatment also preventive, so as not to reach a divorce?

The goal of treatment is not preventative or non-preventive, the purpose of treatment is for people to make the right choices for them. We had several cases of people coming to therapy with the intention and intent to dismantle and divorce and after the treatment they decided to stay together and rehabilitate out of insights and free choice and vision of options.

* Example 1 : Dan and Dina, a couple of doctors, were on the verge of divorce and after treatment to remove the emotional barriers, found a way back and rebuilt their married life. They found the solution, when before that the only solution was – escape from each other.

* Example 2:  Many times people who come to divorce have not always exercised the whole set of considerations.

Keren and Shahar A couple in their forties Parents of three children were in a constant war with each other; Shahar, who worked in high-tech and like many in this field, worked until late. Not all the requests and pleas of the Foundation for help at home and with the children helped, Shahar simply ignored, which led to endless quarrels. Keren and Shachar eventually divorced.

Shahar came for treatment when he was simply “mentally” dismembered. At the end of the treatment to neutralize emotional barriers that actually “opened” Shahar’s eyes he realized in retrospect what a terrible mistake he made and admitted that if he had come for treatment before the divorce, and changed his conduct and behaves as he does now that is actually what his wife asked, he probably would not divorce. Now in the face of the new situation, he must arrive twice a week early to be with the children and also on the weekends he “took time” to spend time with the children and he learned to enjoy time with them and not see it as just a duty and chore.

How is a person who arrives after a divorce treated?

Life goes on and what blocks it must be neutralized. Divorced people need to process the process, adjust to the new life, and make the right choices to make the new relationship healthier and more correct. Every previous relationship is a school for the next relationship. Even if in the end the new relationship is with the same spouse, because the relationship of the first year is different from that of the first decade and different from a relationship with children. The relationship is always formed, and if we learn to nurture the relationship and improve it then the relationship will not play out and last for many years as it is renewed each time it is of course provided the couple take care to preserve it and not take it for granted.