Dr. Ora Golan on house burglaries

Hello Dr. Ora Golan, an expert in neutralizing emotional barriers from the Ora Golan Center, today we will talk about a not-so-pleasant topic – house burglaries. What behaviors characterize people who have experienced a burglary in their home?

In society, burglary is treated as a small thing – “Moshe stole”. The authorities and the company do not really address this, maximum economic damage and a recommendation to put an alarm system. But those who have experienced a break-in do not see it that way, they see it as something very traumatic. It’s harder even than a feeling of betrayal, parting, cheating or deception. People who have experienced a burglary in their home experience it really as violence, because our home is the protected place. “My home is a fortress” At home we are supposed to feel protected, calm, can sleep safely. When someone breaks into our home it emotionally undermines our entire ability to function.

Example:  Yael and Uri parents of three small children: ages 5, 7 and 9 experienced breaking into their home in the evening, while they were there and putting their children to sleep on the top floor. They heard rustling and Uri went downstairs and even saw the burglars fleeing for their lives without taking anything because they too were surprised (the house was dark and they thought there was no one in the house).

בעקבות החוויה הלא נעימה שחוו כל בני המשפחה הגיעו לטיפול; יעל והילדים ממש נכנסו לחרדות; הפרעות שינה, פחד להישאר לבד בבית, פחד ללכת לחדרים, פחד ללכת לשירותים, קושי ואי שקט ליוו אותם כל הזמן. לאחר הטיפול היה שיפור משמעותי בהתנהלות שלהם, הם הצליחו להתמודד טוב יותר עם המצב, התקינו מערכת אזעקה ולקחו כלב. הדבר החשוב ביותר, זו משפחה שגרה בדרום, באזור שמוכה בפריצות, ולכן הם יצרו קשר עם אנשים ביישוב, כמה שכנים קרובים עם ילדים שהפכו ממש לקבוצת תמיכה אחד לשני. אם יעל נשארת לבדה עם הילדים היא מיידעת את אחד השכנים כך שתהיה האפשרות להתקשר למישהו קרוב. הפתרון הזה שהם הצליחו לייצר נתן תחושה של ביטחון לכל המשפחות ביישוב.

*כיצד מטפלים במישהו שחווה חוויה כזו?

למעשה, רצוי לטפל בכל המשפחה. הטיפול מורכב מ6 שלבים. אנחנו מטפלים באיך מתמודדים עם כישלון, תחרות והצלחה, עם חוסר שליטה כמובן, ועם היכולת לדאוג לעצמך מתוך המצב הקיים.

Whenever emotional barriers are addressed and neutralized, the situation must be brought back into proportion. Face, be more relaxed. In areas that are plagued by burglary it is impossible to live constantly in this anxiety. The goal of therapy is simply to allow people to make choices that are more right for them. People are afraid to leave the house, afraid to be left alone in the house, checking the shutters, the doors, installing an alarm, which is no small headache and a considerable expense. Open it when leaving the house, close when entering, if not enough to neutralize it is immediately turned on. There are areas where the people in the locality have started touring and taking responsibility and securing their own homes. Taking a dog also helps, both in terms of alertness and in terms of security for the household members. Keeping in touch with neighbors and being informed when leaving the house for a few hours / days to be alert. It is very important to be aware of this phenomenon so that socially they can treat it in a much more serious way than we tend to treat, as it greatly impairs and affects daily functioning.