Dr. Ora Golan on dismissal anxiety

Hello Dr. Ora Golan, an expert in neutralizing emotional barriers from the Ora Golan Center, today we will talk about dismissals or rather what you call ‘dismissal anxiety.’ When does this anxiety arise?

In fact when people go to work. I will tell a story that reflects the problem in a great many people; A mother of three who felt she had exhausted work in her workplace, saying it was an opportunity to embark on a new path. As soon as she left the job she was suddenly attacked by fear, anxiety and insecurity, and when she got to the job interviews this is what was broadcast.

For a long time she was not hired for any job even though she has skills and letters of recommendation, and there was no reason she would not succeed. When she came to do the treatment and neutralized the emotional barriers, it just happened already after the second session; She came happily and said she got a job and found the job she wanted.

I mean, she came with a different energy and conveyed in job interviews her skills and not her anxiety. Anxiety about layoffs often drives people; In many workplaces there are matters of politics and power struggles, bosses change and there are changes, and dismissal anxiety expresses the anxiety of uncertainty – we desperately want to be safe in the workplace, but it is an aspiration that has no basis – because we have no certainty and can never know what can vary; Boss, changes, cuts.

The goal is to develop the ability to trust that we will find the way to get along in any situation, rather than live the anxiety.

How common is dismissal anxiety?

אני חושבת שהיא נפוצה אצל הרבה אנשים, ואנשים לא מודעים לזה. לאנשים יש חשש לעזוב ולשנות מקום עבודה או לשנות מקצוע. יש גם חרדה של המעביד לפטר. למשל היתה אצלי רופאה שהיא מנהלת מחלקה, שהיה לה רופא עם בעיות משמעת; הוא היה מאחר, מדבר בצורה לא יפה, וההתנהגות שלו השליכה על כל המחלקה. היא מאוד חששה ולא היה לב לפטר אותו, יש לו משפחה והכל, וכשהיא הגיעה לטיפול היא היתה נורא מוטרדת מהנושא הזה. בסופו של דבר, כשהיא עשתה טיפול של שישה שלבים- התמודדות עם כישלון, תחרות והצלחה, היא נתנה לו אזהרה חד משמעית.

ברגע שהוא שוב הפר אותה היא פיטרה אותו, ואז פתאום היא היתה מסוגלת לראות איזה נזק נגרם מהעובדה שאתה משאיר אצלך עובד בצורה כזאת. אז המטרה בטיפול היא כשמנטרלים את המחסומים הרגשיים, שאנשים יוכלו לראות את הדברים בפרופורציה הנכונה ולעשות בחירות שהן נכונות. למשל, הייתה לי מישהי שהיא לוחמת צדק כזו, היא עשתה את מלחמת הצדק במקום העבודה ופוטרה בלי מכתב המלצה.

There really were good changes later in the workplace, it is known from rumors that she heard from a contact she kept with people, but in this case not sure she made the choice that was right for her, it was a very good choice for the workplace but not necessarily for her.

How can I tell if I am suffering from dismissal anxiety?

I think a lot of times people are unaware that they have the anxiety of being fired, and then it causes them to behave like that, that they are totally unhappy with the workplace. But sometimes it’s a terribly big need to please and satisfy just out of fear of not being loved, sometimes it’s extreme behavior for another situation: to show that you’re better than others and then you diminish others, sometimes it’s being in a very quiet place and not uttering a word in meetings They will not notice me- I think people encounter it without being aware, but pay for it a very high price of burnout.

So it is important to be aware.

Yes, and it is very important to take care of.