Fear of a foreign language

Hello Dr. Ora Golan, an expert in neutralizing emotional barriers from the Ora Golan Center, and hello to Tomer Hagalili, who underwent treatment to neutralize emotional barriers. Ora, what is the fear of people in dealing with a foreign language?

Dr. Ora Golan:  Fears arise in us for a variety of reasons, sometimes we develop a fear that will accompany us throughout life. Teachers without meaning to but were not careful in their words. Sometimes the messages come from home, and sometimes it’s the attitude and the way they approached the field. If not successful in the first place there is some fear of failure. When doing the treatment, refer to dealing with failure, competition and success. Failure – things that we have a hard time with in life but are an integral part of life and need to know to try again, and approach from a different angle. Maybe with someone else, maybe in a different way.

Tomer, you’re actually dropped out of 10th grade.
Tomer Hagalili: Yes, in retrospect when I think about it I had problems with attention and concentration. I did not fit into the class at school, it was difficult for me to concentrate for a long time and I was slowly shown the way out. Later I thought I was not suitable for school. My most difficult struggle was when I had to deal with the foreign language at work. As I tried and tried to read in English I became more and more frustrated by my lack of success. I came to treatment because I thought I had nothing to lose, and after the treatment of a routine train ride, my eyes caught a forgotten English newspaper on one of the seats, much to my surprise I saw that I could read better and even enjoyed it. Surprised by the change in me, I continued to read more and more as this was the first time I really enjoyed reading in English.

And what’s going on with you today?
Tomer Hagalili: This discovery in dealing with English, which was the most difficult obstacle for me in my life, brought me to a place where I felt that what I decide and want – that is what will happen. I decided I wanted to and could get a degree, I enrolled in studies and today I am finishing my first year.

Ora Golan:  What Tomer said is very true; Many people his age have not been diagnosed with ADHD, and some have difficulty learning a foreign language. During treatment no concern of reading a foreign language is addressed, no one talks about it other than the initial report the patient gives. In therapy itself but neutralizing emotional barriers associated with failure, competition and success Neutralizing barriers opens up emotional options; The fear of learning still exists, but at the same time the option has opened up to learn and deal with it, and see the beauty in it and enjoy what was previously blocked.