Dr. Ora Golan explains what emotional barriers are

Hello Dr. Ora Golan, an expert in neutralizing emotional barriers from the Ora Golan Center, what do emotional barriers mean?

These emotional barriers are things that drive us; We are harmed to our full potential, causing accelerated erosion, and wasting time and energy. They can manifest in a very broad form of symptoms: anxiety, fears, stress, pain, phobias, worries. The emotional barriers run the people in a variety of ways.

*  How do I know if I have emotional barriers?

When things do not work out for you in one area of ​​life, whether it is personal, marital, social or financial, professional and even health. A sign that you have an emotional barrier.

For example: Michelle, a 24-year-old student, suffered from bothersome abdominal pain for a long time. She did the medical tests and found nothing in her. Michelle came to us for treatment – four stages, four sessions – no conversations and no instructions, the sessions are short about 20 minutes each session, and the treatment is conducted only by muscle resistance, text, gentle touch and imaging. At the end of the treatment the pain stopped. A great many people and children suffer from unexplained abdominal pain that actually results from emotional barriers. Of course we can only treat after all the tests have been medically ruled out.