Economic anxiety

Hello Dr. Ora Golan, an expert in neutralizing emotional barriers from the Ora Golan Center, today we will talk about financial anxiety. What is financial anxiety?

The entire population needs and uses money in one way or another; We must live within some budget related to what we are able to produce and how we are able to support. People suffer from financial anxiety at different levels and in different forms. There are high-tech people who earn very good salaries but they feel they are living in a cage of gold; On the one hand they provide themselves and the family with a very high standard of living, but on the other hand they work long hours, always available (even on weekends) even if they want to change they have no other options that will eventually bring home the same income. Many people have real difficulty with money, whether it’s saving money, paying money or charging money.

* Example : For example, Rachel is a widow, a high school math teacher. Her husband passed away recently and he was the one in charge of all the finances at home and Rachel was really disconnected from that. Now that he was dead, Rachel had no choice but to take care of the whole financial issue. Rachel was terribly anxious, just the thought of having to go to the bank to settle the issue of finances, to find out her pension rights paralyzed her.

Rachel underwent the treatment to neutralize emotional barriers, a treatment that consists of six stages, in six short and focused sessions. At the end of the treatment, Rachel did not understand where the anxiety she was experiencing came from. She went to the bank, settled her affairs and understood exactly what she had to do, made decisions and felt good about the fact that she was managing her financial affairs without any apprehension. In fact, what happened was that emotional options opened up to her.

What are the characteristics of financial anxiety?

חרדה כלכלית מאפיינת את כל שכבות האוכלוסייה. המצב הכלכלי אנשים נוטים להשוות את עצמם לאחרים, לסביבה הקרובה ומאד חשוב להם להיראות ברמה כלכלית מסוימת.ישנם אנשים שקשה להם עם שפע בחיים כולל שפע כלכלי ומאידך ישנם אנשים שקשה להם עם המחסור. ישנם אנשים שקשה להם ל”הוציא” כסף ולשלם; הם יסתובבו בחנות ייקחו משהו שמוצא חן בעיניהם, יגיעו לקופה והקושי לשלם יגרום להם להשאיר את מה שלקחו ולצאת. ישנם אנשים שעובדים בבנק ומתוקף תפקידם הם מייעצים ומנהלים לאחרים את הכספים אבל הם בעצמם לא מסוגלים לחסוך שקל. ישנם הילדים הבוגרים שקשה להם לעזוב את הבית, הנוחות ורמת החיים שבית ההורים מקנה ולהתמודד עם העצמאות הכלכלית שלעיתים קרובות מורידה את רמת החיים שלהם בהתחלה, זה נובע גם מהצד של ההורים שקשה להם מאד לשלוח את הילדים לעצמאות כלכלית.

ניתן להסיק מכך שנטרול החסמים הרגשיים עוזר לנו להתנהל נכון עם כסף.

Neutralizing the emotional barriers gives us the option to make the right choices and then proceed without it being difficult, oppressive and burdensome for us. Neutralizing the barriers helps us respond in proportion when we romino in some way on the financial issue. We need to know how to make the right decision – whether to go and tread our money back because we have been cheated or is all the hassle, travel, energy we will spend to explain all this worthwhile in relation to what we will get back?