Ora Golan on audience fear and stage fright

Stage fear or audience fear are the most common types of fears that are managed by a great many people, successful and successful. For example, some people are afraid to do presentations and sometimes let others do it for them, which hurts their promotion and recognition. There are those who in work meetings are afraid to speak, even though they know the material well and have something to say, but when all the attention is paid to them, even in a small group of 6 people, they feel threatened.

It is a fear that can greatly block people from advancing and promoting themselves, and reaching higher ranks. Some people are driven by this fear at very high levels; They wear out, sometimes do not sleep. No one knows that this problem exists in them, and they deal with the problem alone, but the cost of erosion is huge. The technique I have developed for nearly 20 years helps to identify the emotional barriers that cause this fear, and neutralize them. The technique is performed in four stages, usually four sessions, in which we identify which barriers run the system that are related to failure, competition and success. The ability to speak in front of an audience is a type of failure that the system experiences and once neutralized, it allows a person to function much better. Be relaxed, dare to speak, and even dare to initiate conversations, presentations or lectures.

Often people completely forget the problem they came with. Both the problem is solved and her memory disappears, and this stops managing the people.

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