Sexual problems that affect the partner

Hello Dr. Ora Golan, an expert in neutralizing emotional barriers from the Ora Golan Center, and hello to Professor William Fischer of the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. So today we are going to talk about sexuality, or rather about sexuality issues that affect the partner. Professor Fisher, tell us a little about your research.

Professor Fischer: I have been researching the issue of sexuality issues and their impact on couples, for many years. And we focus on the couple and not just one of them because in the case of sexual dysfunction or sexual dysfunction, there is usually also the partner who is affected, and / or contributes to the existence of the dysfunction. We look at the phenomenon literally as a two-way road. With the onset of the Viagra era we took a few steps backwards, and did not believe in the method that one of the couple should swallow the pill and this is what would solve the sexual problem between the couple, so we took a research approach that brought the couple back to focus; We conducted a series of experiments in which we treated a man who suffered from erectile dysfunction. They gave him a drug like Viagra, or alternatively a “placebo”, a sugar pill. We actually followed up on his partner. At the beginning of the study we found that the women whose husbands started to have erection problems were very disappointed and took responsibility for erection problems, they asked themselves “Does he still love me, is he attracted to me .. etc”. We found that in the group of men who received the real preparation,

Dr. Golan, have you encountered many such patients?

Dr. Ora Golan:  Yes, many patients come to me, but, women will not tell the story as it is presented in the study, but it can be identified that women whose husbands have sexual dysfunction will be very frustrated, will feel unattractive and unattractive, and sometimes have difficulty communicating and talking. Once you manage to neutralize the emotional barriers, and it is recommended for both spouses to come – because this is the ideal situation, when everyone clears the barriers that manage it it allows communication. You can talk about the problems, and address them. Today in medicine there are so many solutions that can be found. The way how to rehabilitate it, and not live with the hard feelings.Even if only one of the spouses arrives there will be a change, because automatically the treatment also affects the other.

How is such a woman treated?

Dr. Ora Golan:  A woman who has sexual dysfunction with her partner, will show restlessness, she does not feel good about herself and feels unappreciated, maybe she feels unattractive. And this can be manifested in many symptoms like nervousness and sleep disorders. When we treat We deal with failure, competition and success.The treatments are very short, do not use conversations or instructions, but only use muscle resistance, text, gentle touch and imaging, and the change happens by itself.We also deal with her ability to deal with femininity, and if the man comes then His deal with masculinity, how at peace she lives with herself and her environment, and most importantly, what happens in the end, is that she can make a separation between his and her problems, and understand that it has nothing to do with her.It can still be attractive and find a way In a positive way.