Wait, why do not you deserve it? / Think you do not deserve it?

Familiar with the “I do not deserve” feeling? Yes, the same feeling that arises whenever you consider for a small moment to ask for something you deserve – maybe a pay rise, and maybe a reduction in working hours, and maybe even a day off, or a few days off, God forbid.

There is a reason for this feeling. It is called low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem has many consequences, and the feeling of “I do not deserve” is just one of them.

Other signs that indicate low self-esteem are severe self-criticism; “I’m stupid,” “I’m not successful,” difficulty making decisions; “Going out or staying home” ?, “calling him or waiting for him to call?”, Fear of failure or success; “Why should I try? It’s lost in advance”, and of course – also self-cancellation, avoidance of opinion, performing tasks, etc.

Congenital or acquired phenomenon?

Many of those who suffer from low self-esteem live with it out of a belief that there is nothing to do – “After all, we were like that as children”. This is of course another way to avoid dealing with the problem, but beyond that, it is a serious mistake. Just an assumption that is fundamentally wrong.

Psychological studies have already addressed this question, and the findings have been unequivocal – low self-esteem, lack of self-esteem and insecurity are acquired and not innate traits!

This is a huge and happy news for those who think otherwise … there is a solution to the problem! True, this is not a magic bullet swallowed or an ointment applied to a sore area. Treating low self-esteem requires some investment of resources, along with a willingness and genuine desire to address the problem. But the most important thing is to know that there is a solution, that one can put an end to suffering, and get life back, more peaceful and full of confidence. Strengthening self-image will bring immediate improvement in interpersonal communication, academic or professional achievement and the way one looks at life.

Okay, and… So how do you deal?

Low self-esteem comes from some source. It is created because of something that happened during life, an event, some experience, and even because of a single sentence or word said at the wrong time. That “something” is the missing that needs to be found, and through finding it we can also understand how to neutralize it and change the picture for a more positive and healthy one. As mentioned, such a process requires a genuine willingness to address the problem, and in many cases also a close person who will be in close proximity to listen, support and contain the coping you are going through.

So the first step is willingness, recognition of the existence of the problem and a desire to solve it, but what next?
The next step is to find the right treatment – professional treatment that knows how to focus on the problem and neutralize it with expertise.

Dr. Ora Golan’s treatment centers offer just that – an accurate diagnostic process, along with professional and effective treatment. These centers effectively treat self-image problems, using a unique technique that locates the same emotional barrier that impairs quality of life, releases it, and gives the patient the ability to cope And restore self-image.

This technique does not constitute psychological treatment or medical treatment, but with its results and effectiveness it is undisputed – over 3,000 women, men and children come every year to treatment at the Ora Golan centers (82,000 in total, and the count is still ongoing), and the success rates of the treatment are 87.4%, according to a recent international study.

Dr. Ora Golan holds a doctorate in chiropractic with a specialization in the emotional field, coping with anxiety and functional chiropractic. Dr. Golan operates out of a belief in the principle of Innate Intelligence – the body’s self-ability to support and heal itself. This topic fascinated Dr. Golan for many years, during which she studied and experienced in the field, until she established the Ora Golan Center in 1997, which helps many people, from Israel and around the world, deal with emotional barriers and improve their quality of life.

Take responsibility for your life, improve it and create a better future.

If you suffer from low self-esteem, and even if you only have a suspicion of it – contact us for an initial consultation so that we can, together, examine the complexity of the problem and the options available to you to treat it.

The sooner you address a problem, the shorter the time it will take – remember that!

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