New app – online release from emotional barriers

X your Ex – an app developed by Dr. Ora Golan for online release from emotional barriers

The app is in English and its name is:

X your Ex – Break Up Treatment

You can download the app in the Google App Store at this link:

Ora Golan realized through the treatment of thousands of patients that ending a significant connection is a kind of loss. Such a breakup requires an adjustment period that includes dealing with the difficulty of getting back to being alone, meeting people, taking time to form and build a new relationship. Dr. Ora Golan says that over the years she has heard many and repeated stories from patients, women and men of all ages, from girls to the elderly, who described the enormous difficulty of coping and recovering from difficult separations.

Despite the difficulty, Dr. Golan emphasizes, it is important that we know that we have the ability to deal with a breakup, initiate it or accept a breakup that was forced on us against our will. Very emotional, creating patterns of behavior and thinking that cause disproportionate responses and waste of time and energy.

Some patients find it difficult to recover from the breakup and constantly think about the relationship that ended, investing a lot of energy and thought about the ex-partner who broke up with them, checking what they are doing, how they are doing. Sometimes an obsessive preoccupation develops around the EX.

Dr. Ora Golan brings the treatment to neutralize emotional barriers that are designed to put an X on the EX. It is performed by muscle resistance, text, gentle touch and imaging and without conversations or instructions.

Next, prepare the list of exes, write the list of names of the people with whom the relationship is unresolved, or remains unclear. Most of the time we know exactly who is sitting there for us and managing us. Sometimes we are surprised to find that a certain person is still blocking us when we are convinced that we have already overcome the breakup and moved on, so it is advisable to make a detailed list of exes.