Dominant and powerful men can boast of a well-groomed woman.

The need for money evolved to create an exchange ratio between goods, to make it easier and more convenient to use. In the past people would exchange goods for goods, for example wheat for chicken. The multiplicity of options became complicated, and it was difficult to assess how much each thing was worth. This created money and made it an easier mechanism to demand it in exchange for goods. Money was a means of exchange to get and sell things.

Since then, money has become something that is much more than a means of exchange. It has become a goal of achievement, status, a symbol of attractiveness, a means of control and a symbol of love. In fact the hunger for money today drives so many people that no amount is sufficient.

Some men and women see money as a symbol of attractiveness.

Women who are attracted to rich men just because they have money. She was attracted to a real man but that man without his money lost his toothpick in her eyes. The relationship is usually not simple as it is based on economic status. These men need to be controlling and powerful to flaunt a beautiful and well-groomed woman. In the past, when women did not make a living and were dependent on a man, a woman’s attraction to a rich man was understandable because she had a sense of security that she and her children would have food and protection. Although women today can work, support themselves and provide for themselves at least the basic needs, there are more independent women who are unwilling to live under the control and power of a rich man.

But there are women whose need is stronger than them and they find themselves in relationships that do not nourish them emotionally and what attracted them to this relationship is wealth and power. Sometimes, the relationship that the woman describes is very difficult and unbearable and the woman has a hard time dealing with the situation but also cannot get rid of it. It is not easy for her to get help from others because no one else wants to face a powerful and domineering person with a lot of money.

Many people associate money with wisdom, even though this is not always the case.

There are many professions that employ people who are considered smart but they are not rich. Some people have won a lot of money from the lottery. Although it is fate and unrelated to their skills they immediately become smart and attractive. Their opinion is suddenly important and they are invited to prestigious places. They suddenly have the ability to influence in places where there was no one before to listen to them at all.

The need to prove and show worth and wealth, leads people to be tempted to spend money for promises and illusions that can be enriched in a certain way. After going to a graveyard and spending money trying to get rich, it’s hard to stop and look at yourself and the road and say: I made a mistake. This is because it drags people into the loop of chasing money.

The amount of money dictates people’s mood. When we live all the time in a sense of scarcity, that we do not have enough, that we are not equal enough if we do not have money. If the amount of money dictates the mood there is a chance that most of the time we will not be happy, because more can always be achieved and any amount is not enough.

If in the past money was a means of exchange to value goods and exchange between them more conveniently, today money has become a means of exchange for us. How much we are equal in relation to others. Without noticing we treat ourselves and others as a commodity and our value in our own eyes and in the eyes of others is measured by how much money we have compared to others or how much money we think we have compared to others. Living in this way creates a lot of stress and impairs the quality of life and the joy of life. It is unnecessary and destructive to live like this !!!

The treatment to neutralize emotional barriers helps to get out of the loop, put aside the background noises, feel more calm and relaxed and make better choices. It is intended for adults, youth and children who feel that money manages them and dictates their mood and self-worth.

Questionnaire related to our relationship to money:

The questionnaire refers to money I have beyond basic food needs and a modest place to live.

  • It’s important to me to have a lot of money
  • It’s important to me that they know I have a lot of money
  • If I have a lot of money they will treat me with respect
  • When I have no money I have no value
  • Smart people have money
  • Successful people have money
  • I prefer friends with money because they are worth more
  • I prefer friends without money because I’m worth more
  • It’s important to me that I have sole control over the money
  • Money affects my joy of life

If these statements express your attitude towards money, money may be driving you. It is better to get help and neutralize emotional barriers so that money remains as a means to an end and not as an end in itself.